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During the 18th & 19th century, the term "Palatine" was used in America to describe immigrants from "The Palatinate" & other adjoining German speaking areas (near western or southern Germany). Many of the early German settlers of America (Pennsylvania Dutch) were refugees from the Palatinate during the French Revolution & Napoleonic Wars due to severe hardships & religious persecution. In 1677, William Penn had visited the area & encouraged the people to go to Pennsylvania in America, a place where a man & his family could be free of the problems they were encountering. This is where many of our ancestors can be traced to. The immigrants not only came from Germany, but also Bohemia & Switzerland. Most of their religious beliefs were Lutheran, Reformed or Mennonite. They landed in Philadelphia, after a long & hard journey across the Atlantic Ocean & migrated to other parts of Pennsylvania or Virginia & then to Bedford County, PA.



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